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Payment method

  • Credit card payment
    Instant and convenient payment methods, support domestic Visa, MasterCard, JCB, when you choose the online credit card method for transactions, the operation flow is transferred to the Green World Technology payment interface, through the SSL security encryption mechanism to protect your personal privacy data.


  • Super business pickup and payment
    Provide another convenient transaction method for consumers who are inconvenient to pay with credit cards.


  • LINE Pay
    No need to enter credit card information and 3D verification for payment, just enter a unique password to make payment with a credit card. The mobile operation is directly transferred to the LINE Pay payment page, and the computer version needs to log in to LINE and scan the QR Code to go to the checkout.


Shipping method

  • Orders are placed before 18:00 pm on the same day and the payment is completed on the same day, except holidays.
  • Free shipping for all orders over $800 (inclusive) in the entire museum. If you use the shopping cash to discount less than $800, you still need to pay for shipping.
  • The goods will be delivered within 3-5 working days for pick-up and payment in supermarkets, limited by the supermarket system, and the scope of delivery is limited to counties and cities on the island of Taiwan.


Return instructions

CHIU'S official website provides a seven-day appreciation period (non-trial period) from the date of arrival of the goods (including holidays). Only accept the entire return of the order. Except for defective products, no exchange service will be provided.

If you have received any undesirable items after inspection, 'Do not disassemble and use', if the product is damaged, damaged, abraded, scratched, scratched, dirty, or packaged due to human factors caused by improper use and disassembly of the product. Incomplete damage, or incomplete invoices or accessories, will not be returned.

If the above conditions are met, please return the goods to the official LINE account: @chiusselect to request the return and provide the following information. After confirmation, the customer service staff will provide the 7-11 code to arrange the return.


  • Member name
  • Member ID
  • Order number


If the return status is established, we will return the shopping money to your account immediately after receiving the returned goods. The next order can be used immediately or the original payment method is proposed. Credit card payers will directly confirm the return. Swipe the money back to the original credit card account of the payment. Cash on delivery, after confirming that the return is successful, the refund fee will be transferred to the bank account you provided.